Sunday, 26 October 2014

Rowing around the Borghese Park

We were getting kind of tired of Rome - not in the sense that the shops and the streets were boring, but that we were running out of things to see. Thankfully, our good family friend Mary had come to Rome with her daughter not too long ago and recommended we head out to Borghese Park.
It wasn't really that far away from the city centre, and it was so beautiful! It was a really big park, and at the edge of the entrance - it doesn't look like much - until you keep walking in. There was a big police presence, because of a football match - but that was even fine. We found this amazing little pond, where we could row a boat - just like we did in Japan. It had this beautiful building /shrine in the middle of the pond which was amazing! I had such a good time rowing Josh around - especially because everyone laughs
at me rowing him!! We even taught another girl how to row! We enjoyed the sun - and walked around the whole park until we found the coolest thing ever - these electric dynamo bicycles for two people that looked like a car!

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