Saturday, 18 October 2014

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna

We have had so many weeks of work in a row, and then finally, at the beginning of October, we had finally gotten settled enough (and after coming back from London) to plan a real vacation. We had a three day weekend, and after checking out the different locations,
settled on Vienna, Austria. Having left Austria only a few months ago, I was super excited to go back - because it is super pretty, and I was also never able to find any time to make it to Vienna from Innsbruck. It may be in the same country, but it was a bit far to me to get to and back in the weekend.
We set off with some of our teacher collegues on the Thursday night, getting to the hostel super late, but enough that we had the whole day on Friday. In the morning, Josh, Steph and I set off from our hostel, grabbed a snack for breakfast along the way and made our way to Schonbrunn palace, the famous one
in Austria. It was super busy already in the morning when we met our friends. We got the ticket that let us view all the rooms inside, the garden, mazes and up to this cool viewing platform at the top of this very high hill. We had a great time inside the palace, learning more from the audioguides
about the sad story of the Austrian Royal family. It had started out as a really rubbish, cloudy looking day, but by the time we finished our tour, the sun was out and we could explore the pretty gardens. There were lots of lovely statues dotted along the paths.
We tried the maze too - and got very very lost, but it was good fun none the less! Finally we traipsed up the hill - it was a long way to be going in so many layers of clothing - but once we made it to the top, the view was really beautiful!

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