Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Angels at Saint Angelo's Castle

We walked so much in just one day in Rome - we hit so many of the spots on our map. It was great to see so much of the city. We headed back towards our little bed and breakfast which was right near the Vatican. On the way there, we spotted Saint Angelo's castle - which is this round turret shaped place which totally sticks out against the rest of the beautiful buildings. It's not that its not beautiful, but it's much different and in a different style. Next to the castle is this lovely bridge with the most beautiful statues of angels, and
there were lots of people hanging around listening to the music that was being played. We walked over the bridge and had a look at the outside of the castle, but in the end, we didn't go in. We headed back to our B and B to freshen up for a while, before heading back out for dinner. As we were so close to the Vatican, we had tons of places to go for dinner and then afterwards, we headed back to the bridge, to sit under the angels and listen to a jazz band - it was a lovely way to end an evening!

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