Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Colluseum

Because we had bought our tickets earlier, we were able to miss the big, big, big queue which snaked all around the Colleseum. So we got in quite quickly, and waited in a short queue in the shade (which was a nice reprive from the heat). We got in, and
it was so nice to see how big and grand the colluseum must have been at one point! It was still amazing and impressive, and we walked all the way around it a couple times, going all the way up to the top!At the top, it was nice and empty, and you could see all the way across the Colleseum.
And if we looked the other way, we could see all over the city - seeing all the pretty spires and towers. There are tons of Americans all over Rome, so we figured they were the best people to ask to snap this cute photo of us!

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