Sunday, 26 October 2014

A walk along the River

One of my favourite areas we went to was along the river bank in Rome. It was really lovely, and a little shady - great to get away from the sunshine. The roads are all much higher than the river bank, so they have beautiful stone walls. Along these walls, these cute little markets
were set up - selling books, paintings and some cute trinkets. We walked along the river for a long time, until we came across the Jewish Quarter, and then found a little bridge to an island in the centre of the river. It was great little island, with a couple little shops and a church. Tiny, tiny, but so cute! We went into the church, which was completely silent and empty, and looked over the edge of the walls for a great view of the city. There was a really popular restaurant there too, but we couldn't get in so we headed off to look for more yummy places!

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