Sunday, 26 October 2014

The City State of the Vatican

Because we explored all of Rome (at least it felt like that!) in our first day, we booked all our tickets for the Vatican for the second day we were there. We had booked the tickets really early online so we were all set for a good day there! And because our bed and breakfast was super close to the
Vatican, we were able to have a nice late, big, Italian breakfast and were able to walk over in plenty of time. There were so many people there - such long lines, just to get through another baricade to get into the huge huge church. It was so beautiful - and the crypt was great too - it sounds a weird thing
to say, but you could see the tomb stones of so many past Popes! They have some of the most impressive museums at the Vatican - lots and lots of beautiful art and nice furniture and it is really huge! We had a good time wandering around it all until we ended out in the Gardens!

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