Sunday, 26 October 2014

The Vatican at night

October was a really great month for us, mainly because of all the travelling we got to do! Just after visiting Vienna, we were only back at school for a week before we hit half term - an entire week off school! Since Josh has lived in Europe, he has wanted to visit Italy, Rome in particular. So off we went for almost a week of fun in Italy, visiting Rome
and Florence, and going all out on a big vacation. A well deserved vacation! And what was the best part was , that it was going to be super nice and warm while we were there! We decided to stay in a little B and B which had been reccomended to us. It was perfect and cute! We were really not very far (maybe two blocks maximum) from the Vatican. It had been years and years since I had visited Rome. And I had forgotten how quickly Rome just merges into Vatican City. In my mind, it was a super crazy busy place.
But at night, it is beautifully empty. The wonderful architecture is all lit up at night, and it was too perfect to not take a photo! We set up the camera along a pillar and snapped our first photo of the both of us!

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