Saturday, 18 October 2014

Visiting the Rathaus in the day

We were all pretty tired after staying up to visit the museums, especially because we walked our socks off from 9am to midnight - I think we managed to clock up thirty five thousand steps on Josh's pedometer. The next morning, it was pretty slow going, so we got some breakfast, visited a few churches around, and ended up at the
Rathous, the Town Hall, in the middle of town. It was a pretty small city, so we could walk all over town quite easily. Again, it was one of those beautiful buildings that we weren't able to go inside, but we enjoyed visiting the outside, and the pretty red boxes of flowers, which were all over it. We enjoyed taking some silly photos with Stephanie. As much as we walked all over town, we had a good time being silly and posing over railings, and on benches. It was pretty fun, and a very relaxing day!

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