Sunday, 24 November 2013

A beautiful Autumn day in Hyde Park

I have had so much work lately, that I have basically lived in my room, or in the library, working away on my essays and lab reports. It's not so bad, because I get stuff done, but sometimes when it is so sunny outside, it's a bit saddening to be inside. Last week I decided I really wanted to get out and see some of London. In Japan, it is a big thing to go out and see all the autumn leaves. In London, not so much. But since it was already November, and I was worried about missing the leaves, I decided to get up really early one morning
and go to take some photographs. I had great plans to go to more than one park, and even go out to Richmond Park and see some deer. In terms of practicality, and time, that never was going to happen, so I decided to go to Hyde Park. I arrived right at the entrance, and it was full of parents taking thier kids to the Winter Wonderland, which is this big German Christmas market and ice rink which they hold there. I bypassed that, and made my way into the park a little farther so I could find some trees.
There were some nice tall ones right near the walkway, so I took lots of them - one was even a weeping willow and I got to go inside it. Once I got a bit farther, and around near where the Serpentine pond is, there were a lot more beautiful trees. Hyde Park is amazing because you are right in the middle of the city, but it certainly doesn't feel like it. There were a few walkers, and a lot of "urban skiiers" but it was so quiet and peaceful in the morning.
I dont even think anyone was on the water, no boats were out at all. Being out in Hyde Park, the light and blue sky was just so perfect for taking photos. And it reminded me a lot of what I like about photography - taking photos of sunlight and natural things - I'm pretty bad at taking photos of people or buildings - I so
much prefer to be outside and taking a photo of a tree. That said, I have a million and one photos of classical iron railings and lampposts. Before I left for Japan, and living in Bristol, I took photos like that all the time. It was the first time I've felt like pre-Japan-Taylor since I've come back, and it was
really nice to get into my photography again. I took photos all the time, as anyone who's ever seen my Facebook surely knows, but since coming back to London, I've barely taken any photos at all. Before, all I wanted was to visit London and take photos every day. I guess living here means it just feels a bit like a chore, rather than an advnture.
I was quite pleased with what I had taken, so I went to leave, but then realised I was smack dab in the middle of this huge park, and it was a long, long walk to the nearest tube stop. I decided to go the long way, which led me past this cool tree next to a classic London phone booth, and along a nice bridge overlooking the river. As I reached the exit, I realised where I was - across the street from the Royal Albert Hall is the Albert Monument - one of the most unique monuments in London, and there were these huuuuuuge trees lining the path. On my trip to buy my car,
we stopped there, way back in 2010 - it seems so long ago - but Hyde Park was just as beautiful as I remember! I'm so glad that I actually got out of the house and went on a mini-advnture - all alone, sometimes those are the best ones and the ones where you fall in love with London all over again.

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