Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Louvre

Josh in general doesn't like modern art museums, but I was excited for him to see the Louvre, because it is full of amazing classical paintings. To be honest, you could be there for months and not see everything. It took us a long time to walk over from Notre Dam to the museum, but eventually we made it. Somehow, we got to a road which I remembered from a child. There are pet shops full of puppies, little garden centres, and crepe shops. I remember running down that street all the time with Shelby as a kid and it was amazing how
much I remembered from Paris, even though I had only ever been there as a teenager. I never wandered around, and I'm terrible at directions, but if I've been somewhere, I just remember it. Hopefully one day that weird skill will come in handy! I got into the Louvre for free again ( loving being under 25) and then we wanted around with. O particular plan, just aiming to see the major works. I took Josh to see the Venu de Milo, which has moved rooms slightly since I was last there, and to see the Mona Lisa. I feel bad, but everyone goes and sees it, and you
can't get close to it or spend a lot of time staring at it, and there are some other beautiful paintings in the room which are completely overlooked. And it's behind glass, so you can't even see the brush strokes or anything! It is a shame that people have become so obsessed that they can't even display it safely. We went and saw some of my favourite stuff in the museum, and saw the great Egyption section and all the wonderful marbles statues from Itay which I love. Be of my favourite new discoveries was this Olympus room which has
this amazing amazing ceiling which is pained in gold and with beautiful angels. We stayed right until it closed, and it was dark outside. We had such a great time!

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