Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Saint Chapelle

Right near the Metro, we found a nice little restaurant to have lunch in. I'm always a little wary of choosing restaurants that are too touristy, but this one was just right - and we had a croque madame and the most amazing French onion soup (which has now become one of my favourites!)
After our super delicious lunch, we wandered around some more until we came to the Palace of Justice. Inside of the Palace is Saint Cheppele, this lovely lovely church which was by far the most beautiful thing we went and saw on our trip to Paris. I got in for free, because I was under 25 and also an EU citizen. Paris has an awesome policy like that meaning a lot of young people now have access to great cultural sights. When you go in the main level, it doesn't seem like anything special - actually a little bit like a crypt with a few statues. Thankfully, we went up
a set of stairs which was such a good plan, as the whole church was up there! It was so incredibly beautiful and full of amazing stained glass windows, on every single surface. They were full of pinks and oranges and yellows, alongside these geat stone statues and candelabras hanging from the ceiling. It was so amazing!

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