Friday, 1 November 2013

Ed's 50's Diner

When I was a little kid, there was a great little 50's diner down in the West End, near to where Mama Mia played on the stage (not that I have any clue what plays at that theatre now). It serves classic Americana food, burgers and fries, and has great milkshakes and malts. Since then, I havent really been back to eat, just to
get milkshakes from time to time. Nowadays, there are a few Ed's chains all over town - they still are very 50's themed, just a little bigger nowadays. There is one right off the corner of Leicester Square, down near Picadilly Circus, so one evening, Josh and I went down there, after our dinner to get a nice after dinner Milkshake. The milkshakes there are really good - I am really fond of the peanut butter ones they had! We hung out there, talking with the owner, who was also from Florida for a while. My favourite part of the visit
was playing all the great 50s songs on the jukebox. I love jukeboxes - and for only 10 or 20 pence, you can have your favourite retro song piped throughout the restaurant! It was another nice childhood memory that I got to share with Josh while he was visiting me.

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