Thursday, 21 November 2013

A cute couple outside of the Louvre

in France, you aren't supposed to say you love or hate the big glass pyramid which serves as the entrance to the Louvre. You're not supposed to love it because it wasn't designed and build by a Frenchman, and you aren't supposed to hate it because it is an icon of France.
I really like it, as it really is iconic, and I've come to appreciate that. At night, they light it up all beautifully, and from the inside it's great, so as we were leaving we had a lady snap a lovely picture of us and the fire extinguisher. Outside, I set my camera on a bench on the
far corner so no one would knick it, and then took some photos of Josh and I. Apart from one or two at Sacre Cour, over the whole weekend, these were the only photos I have of us from all of the places we visited on Saturday. We went to so many places, and has such a nice time that it was good to get a nice iconic photo for our holiday albumn.

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