Friday, 1 November 2013

The NFL at Wembley

Another thing I ended up going to, which was quite out of character for me, was an NFL game. I had seen a bunch of people in Steelers jerseys a couple weeks before but hadn't really thought about it. It turns out that there was another game happening, and so me and my classmates ended up buying tickets and going along.
It was a Jacksonville Jaguars and San Fransisco 49ers game. Probably not a very difficult game for them, but either way, the game is always a big deal because we just dont have an NFL team here - so when they visit London - people come and watch it - both expats and locals alike so that they can watch an American football
team - regardless of what team they usually support. We had such fun, and the highlight for me was watching the American Anthem being sung at an arena, a HUUUUGE arena, in my second home. It was really special for me. The game was a bit lopsided, and of course, the Jacksonville Jaguars lost, but because they were the
home team, they had given each and every person a cool flag to wave around! I loved it - and I even tried really hard to learn some of the rules and follow the game! We left a little early, so thankfully we had no wait at the tube stop, and got home not super late!

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