Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Notre Dam

one can't rally visit Paris without visiting Notre Dam. It is probably the second most visited place in the whole city. In my entire life, I never remember going inside, though I am sure, over all the many times I was in Paris as a child that we must have gone inside at least once.
We went up to the front and there was a large, stadium style seating in front of it. We weren't quite sure what it was for, but in front of these stadium style seating, we're hundreds and hundreds of people, changing and singing and standing right in front of the doors to the church. I was really worried that me might have accidentally turned up to one of France's famous protests, and coincidentally, not be able to go inside. We found out not too long after, that this huge mass of people was being allowed into the church, through a huge door that they opened for them. Turns out,
they were pilgrims. I'm not sure why, and I'm not sure why they had signs and staffs with shells on them, and huge loudspeakers. They all had matching shirts too, so they must have come as an entire group. We were still able t get in via the main door, so I was pretty happy regardless.
Inside, the church is incredibly huge. It wasn't as ornate as I had expected, but it was nice and warm, and welcoming. And full of people. There were so many people there you could barely move. There was a service going on with the cardinal visiting, and everyone was singing and it was lovely. Unlike Saint Chapelle, there were only a few little stained glass windows. Towards the Back f the church there were a lot more windows, and a lot less people! There were private areas for praying and a bit more history about the church
We walked around the church, and considered going up to the bell tower, but there was a ally big queue, so instead we decided to wander over to the Louvre. We didn't get very far before I wanted to stop and get a yummy Nutella crepe. It was amazing, and perfect for an after lunch snack!

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