Friday, 1 November 2013

More of ChinaTown

Josh was only here for about a week, during his half term holiday, but during that time, we ate out a lot, and most of time at Asian restaurants. I guess it's partially that I dont know where else to eat in London, for example, where a good Indian restaurant, or
even a good English restaurant is! Instead, I tend to gravitate to what I know best - Japanese food! We ate a lot of Katsu Curry and Gyudon, and even one night Josh convinced me to try an all you can eat Chinese Buffet. For some reason, we had trouble finding one (now I know there are tons and tons all around Chinatown - we just weren't looking in the right places!) and finally, we found one which looked good on Gerrard Street - also the "main" street
of Chinatown. We didnt have to wait long, and the food was pretty yummy too! I think I stuffed myself with all the food that was avaliable! Afterwards, I made Josh pose in front of the great big arches. While they aren't as ornate as the ones I became accustomed to in the Chinatowns in Yokohama, Kobe or Nagasaki, they are still really cool, and look best at nighttime, when they are all lit up and you can see the lanterns glowing. I love the hustle and bustle of Chinatown - it can sometimes feel really touristy - more so at night probably - but often times it just reminds me of being in Asia and how much I miss that!

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