Sunday, 24 November 2013


We had a really relaxing Sunday, we got up, hung around a little bit and then went to the market with Judy. After we set off from the market, we went over to the Champs-Elyse, and actually went into the middle of traffic so that we could get some photos. I took quite a few of Josh, trying to make sure that I didn't get any cars in the shot, but then some lovely American asked if she could take the photo of us together - which was just so great - because usually we don't get photos together when
we go away unless we are with other people. So we got one more for the photo albumn. In Japan, people offered all the time, and so I was happy to have someone offer while we were in Paris. We wandered down the street for a while, and went in a few shops (Sephora!) and grabbed a nice lunch too. We just were having a really lazy Sunday so we wandered where we felt like it. The Orangerie museum was very busy, and had a long line, so we decided to check out the Christmas market that they had near there. They even had my favourite - white chocolate covered grapes!

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