Sunday, 4 October 2015

All around Munich

We finally did something incredibly German - after living here for almost two years, it felt good to finally make it to Bavaria and Oktoberfest! We headed down on Friday night and got to stay in a hotel for a change! Daddy had sorted it out for us, and we even got a free snack and one of those cute German gingerbread cookies for free ( but sadly they taste horrible!). In the morning, we had breakfast ( with waffles and omlettes!) at the hotel and waited for Kara and Dan to arrive for America.
It was really exciting that they were going to be in Europe finally! While we waited for them, we decided that because it was so sunny, we should really wear our dirndls. We saw so many people in Munich in Dirndls, not just at Oktoberfest, but all over the city.
So we went back and changed, and once Kara and Dan arrived, we headed into the city. Most cities in Germany look very, very similar. But still, there always is an area which is super pretty. The town hall in Munich is really exceptionally pretty! Since Kara's dirndl didn't work out, we did get her a new one, even finding a place open on a national holiday!

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