Saturday, 26 September 2015

Our little Godbaby!

Saturday night, neither Joshua or Cassio was very well ( both got sick EVERYWHERE) but generally, Cassio is such a chilled baby. He is so much fun to play with and he really is the only baby of our couple friends that we have, so we were super excited and really honoured to be asked to be his Godparents. Sinead and Abel went to Mass while we looked after Cassio in the car. He slept, and then he needed to get up and move to the pram, and I couldn't get him out of the car seat! I guess this was good practice for us in the future! We got the pram
set up, and got him to the church all by ourselves! We felt really quite pleased with ourselves! Haha! The priest made sure the Christening was nice and short, and very personal and done with just the families and us. It was so nice that Abel's parents could come all the way to see it! I really got quite emotional about it - even though Cassio wasn't phased by it at all! He didn't cry at all when he had the water put on his head! It was all done and
over in about 15 minutes, and then we wandered over to this cute tapas place that they had picked out for a little reception kind of thing. It was super sunny and warm, so we sat outside in the garden. It was such a lovely way to end such a lovely weekend - with a celebration of our new Godson!

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