Thursday, 8 October 2015

In the Big Tent

We had read online that if you want a good seat, or a seat at all - that you had to get to the Oktoberfest tents super, super early, like 6 am - even though they don't open til about 9. But we were all pretty tired the day before, and decided to get there for 9am, and give it a shot. We had done some research on which tents were the most fun. There are I think 11 big tents, and they all have different styles, and atmospheres. We had set our sights on Hacker-Pschorr - which is called the "Heaven of Bavaria". And miraculously, we just walked right in. There were tons of tables free, right when it
opened. I had to go ask if it was alright to sit there, but we managed to get a whole, empty table to ourselves, right in the centre, with a great view of the pretty sign. We started on beer at 9 am - so, so early but worth it if you wanted to stay. It was nice that they gave Steph and I our apple juice in smaller beer glasses.
We took so, so many photos with the big beers and a giant pretzel! We had the table to ourself for a little while, before we were joined by some nice Americans visiting Munich. Eventually, we had to share our table with some Germans too - but it was still good fun! We enjoyed some great yummy food, lots of singing and Prost songs - until people started getting up on the tables to dance! It was great, great fun! We sung and drank for several hours, until about 2pm, they decided since we had stopped drinking beer, we had to leave. I was a bit miffed, but we did have such a great time looking back on it!

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