Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Sunny, sunny Oktoberfest

The weather forecast for Munich was delightfully sunny on Saturday - almost 23 degrees! It was so nice for Germany, and mid autumn! However, the weather forecast for Sunday was going to be wet, cold and rainy. We had heard a lot about the whole atmosphere at Oktoberfest, and so had to go on Saturday and check it all out. We arrived, and it was quite busy already. It was incredible to finally be there! We got Kara and Dan their first Bratwurst, and then walked all around
the venue. There were tons of big beer tents, where we wouldn't have been able to get into because of being so late. However, there were lots of different food stalls, and shops and such, as well as tons and tons of amusement park rides. We didn't go on any amusement rides - although they did look super fun. I think at night, they would be even more fun! Stepphen and Kerstin had suggested Baumkucken, this kind of rolled
cinnamon sugar roll thing - and it was great! I deinitely had to get my favourite German snack food too - the chocolate covered grapes and strawberries! It was kind of nice introducing Dan and Kara to so many good German things - it felt like the most German thing we had done in our entire time living here!

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