Sunday, 25 October 2015

The coolest part of Pripriyat

Ater exploring Pripriyat, the tour guide let us explore the old school and the old swimming/gym complex. It was so nice to be able to have some time to do some exploring to ourselves. Ukraine really does have different health and safety laws than the West, so really, we were walking into places where the floor had given out, and there was tons of debris, but the tour guide was just like "be safe!". Haha! We started exploring the school. It turns out Pripriyat had tons of schools because they had tons of
children! We found a cafeteria full of gas masks, and big, empty windows. We headed up the staircase and found all sorts of abandoned classrooms. Some still had work and books laid out, and some were all messed up. But it was interesting to see the labs and what they used to teach, what the maps looked like, and as a teacher, it was the best part of the tour!

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