Monday, 5 October 2015

The Hacker Beer Haus!

After our nice walk around Munich, Oktobefest and such, we headed back to the hotel, so Kara could change into the new dirndl she had bought. We headed out for the Hacker Beer Haus, where Hilter became famous. It is THE beer hall in Frankurt - and basically the brick and mortar version of the one at Oktoberfest. We arrived, and there was no line, just a blob of people. It was so unGerman! I tried to get noticed, so we could get in - but all of a sudden, they opened the doors to the second floor suddenly opened
and I ran in. It was basically a free for all - you just ran and tried to find seats on these big long tables for space enough for your party. We found one right at the back, in the dark, but we did eventually move to about middle of this great big hall, on these big tables, with an Ooompa Oompa band at one end.
It was such good fun, and a good example for me of what Oktoberfest would be like the next day. The food was really nice, and there were all sorts of singing. We got really good at the Prost song, and there were lots of Italian football songs! I was so glad we had our dinrls, because we had such a great Munich experience because of it!

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