Sunday, 25 October 2015

In Jerusalem

We arrived Monday afternoon, flying into Tel Aviv, where we got our car rented (which took forever) before finding our way to our cute little apartement. There wasn't really a lot of time to do too much, so we mainly explored the old part of Jaffa in the evening, and found a great falafel
stand to have dinner at. We actually didn't find much apart from falafel stands, so we ended up going there quite often! The next morning, after planning out what we would do each day, we decided to start with Jerusalem. While Israel has often had issues, it had really been having quite a few attacks in Jerusalem, so I was a bit nervous. We found a nice place to park, before heading towards the old town. Once we got to the gate, we decided to join one of those
free walking tours which made me feel a little better about wandering the city with a group. ( It seems in Israel, everyone is with a tour group). So we got to learn a little more about the Armenian Quarter ( which I had known nothing about before) and see one of the sites where they think the
Last Supper took place. The Armenian Quarter isn't terribly full of tourist sites, but it is very cute and full of little tiny alleys. From there, we went to the Jewish Quarter, which is where we left the tour to head to the wailing wall. After our visit to the Wall and the Dome of the Rock, we discovered the Christian Quarter too, where we visited the Church of Holy Sepluchre too. The Muslim Quarter was mainly blocked off with police, but I had forgotten how lovely Jerusalem was, and how interesting each and every little alley was!

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