Sunday, 25 October 2015

Oh, how I love Camels!

The best thing about visiting the Mount of Olives ( apart from the great voiceover they have and the AMAZING view) was the fact I came across another camel! One very smart man brought his camel up there for the tourists! And he didn't charge me for taking pictures of the camel either! I didn't really
need to ride it, just take pictures of it. And while Josh was asking him about some restaurant reccommendations, he let me hold the camel's reigns! And I was just SO excited, because I love Camels so so much! We had an interesting experience after taking in the view, and holding and petting it. The camel owner had directed us up a hill to a parking area,
to a restaurant, but when we got to the parking area, some Israeli policemen warned us that the people running it would steal our money. Well, we parked, and asked them or some restaurant reccomendations, and they told us to get out of there, and that none of it was a very clean was quite disheartening to see them so negative about the Arab community. Either way, we ended up leaving pretty sharpish, but I was pleased because I had seen not one, but two camels while in Israel!

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