Sunday, 25 October 2015

Wailing at the Wall

We left our tour for two reasons - it wasn't particularily good, but also we wanted to be able to visit the Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock, which is only open in the afternoon for just one hour. So we headed over there, and that is where we encountered our first Israeli policemen.
The way on the map to the Western Wall was blocked, but there was another way there. They said that path had been closed because of the violence. We headed down the other path, through security, and then we were at the wall. It was different than I remembered, but I was so excited that we got to go up and pray at the wall! I remember not going up to the wall to pray as a child. But this time, Steph and I headed to the women's side. It was much smaller than the mens, and much, much busier than the men's side!
There were lots of women praying, and seats for them to sit and read their bibles. We had written our prayers on little, tiny pieces of paper, and then pushed them into the cracks on the wall. It was a really wonderful experience. You could tell that it was an important place, and Iit was definitely the highlight of our day.

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