Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Two posers in Sapporo Art Park

I started my summer vacation off right, and went on my first summer holiday of the season. The heat was really starting to get to me, so I headed up to see Mikaly up in Hokkaido. We had booked it months and months in advance, and I was so excited to see him! I was very lucky, and got to spend my Friday night with my Josh. He was such a sweetie, and due to my early morning flight, we ended up staying in a nice hotel in Rinku Town. It was kinda like a shopping mall, but everything was closed, and we ended up eating classy combini dinner in the hotel room (which was super fun!) In the morning, he got up, took me to the airport and off I went for my flight! I met Mikaly at Sapporo station, and I was pleased to say that I remembered my way around. I love how going and spending a few days in one place can make you remember your way around for years after. Last time I saw Mikaly, he didnt have a camera, but since, he had aquired a nice old fashioned camera. I convinced him that he needed some Lomo style camera film - which is really in in Japan right now. We did some research on the iPads in the Big Camera store, and discovered a very cool place which was an Art Park. We took a subway, and then a bus out to the suburbs. Hokkaido always seems to remind me of Sweden or Norway, and so very different than the rest of Japan! Once we made it to the park, we spent hours taking photos all over the park and with all sorts of poses and with all sorts of sculptures. I found that I am quite partial to really modern ones! There were lots of stainless steel ones, and some stone ones, and even a stone tepee which was huge! Some of them were made to look like people, and Mikaly especially enjoyed posing with them! He is just as much of a poser as me, and is always kind enough to take photos of me if I take photos of him! And he has an eye for photos! His camera wasnt digital so we really worked at trying to set up the shots!I think possibly the coolest part about the entire park was a little museum which looked like a building you might find in Norway. Actually, we did see some just like it there when we visited! The siding of the walls were red, which went perfectly with my red cardigan and Mikaly's red shorts! He taught me the art of being very serious in photos, with quite comic results!

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