Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Leaver's on the Beach

After walking through the tunnels, more people arrived on the ferries. We let them get settled, and then we all borrowed bikes and headed out to find a beach. As I said, the one right near the cabins wasnt a beach, but just rocks. Erez said, cycle down about 15 minutes, so we did (even in the strong heat!) and we got to the beach. It wasn't really that good, and I think a lot of people were dissapointed, because really, Hagi's beaches were much nicer. Once Erez arrived, he kindly informed up that actually, we had been at the wrong beach and there was another one a bit further down the road. And that onewas good! Soft flat sand, no seaweed, shells, and no trash. (Japanese beaches are full of trash!)It was so much fun. There were a lot of things going on. Quite a lot of people went swimming, because there was a bouy platform for them to hang out on. It didnt seem too cold, but I actually can't rememeber if I actually put my feet in! Then there was a dodgeball game, because the sand was so nice and flat! And then there was the digging! Erez and Sarah discovered these cool little tube things in the sand, which turned out to be some form of sea clam, or tube clam or something of the like. It was pretty fun to watch them, considering how dedicated they were. In the end, they came back and cooked them. Possibly the coolest thing we found in our digging were the sea stars, or starfish. Sadly we found one dead, but another alive, and full of spikes. It seemed that when he was in the water or on the sand, he was quite...gooey and flacid and then when we picked him up, all his spikes came out! It was a lovely orange colour, and it really freaked Emily out! After a while, I made my regulation "word in the sand" thing and took a picture but then I also made Otsunoshima out of the little shells I found. It felt like a real beach because of the sand and the nice shells.

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