Wednesday, 11 July 2012

A stop at Chomonkyo Gorge

After dropping Sarah off, and our quick photo at the Stargate, we headed north towards Hagi. Amy mentioned that Chomonkyo was someplace she hadn't done while she lived in Hagi, and so we figured, since she was leaving, we might as well go see it. So off we went, on a slight detour, but an exciting one. We got there, and decided to walk until we got tired. The path along the river is mainly under the shade, which was lovely since it was so hot. Everyone said "hello" to us as we walked, as walkers do, and it was just such a nice experience. I wish my photos were better to show you how amazingly beautiful it was! There were lots of bugs, but also lots of pretty trees, and even a baby frog on the railing! We stopped along the river quite often, as there were steps which went down to the river. It was much bigger than I thought and had a lot of white water and big boulders. I think we decided that it probably wasn't suitable for white water rafting, sadly! Amy had brought along her recorder, so we listened to her lovely music on the riverbanks and amused ourself singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs! It was so much fun!

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