Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sky Scrapers in Hong Kong

I jetted off to Hong Kong on Friday. I had to leave work a little early, and head up over to Kansai airport. I was flying on the super cute, brand new airline called Peach. It's got low fares, and the best thing is that most things associated with it are pink! I had quite a late flight, and then I had to get from the airport to the hotel via taxi. Needless to say, I was pretty knackered, but I was so excited to see Josh. I can't begin to describe how happy I was to see him after so long! I promptly ate brownie cake (Mrs. Fields) and then went to sleep. In the morning, we went and met the boy's tailor, and then went for dim sum. David (Josh's brother) ordered waaaaaayyy to much, but it was so yummy none the less.We then headed out to go to David's ship. He is in the Navy and they were having a few days in Hong Kong. I was lucky enough that he had it Ok'd for me to come aboard! On the way there, we walked from the restaurant to the metro station, I was stopping every thirty seconds to take some snapshots of the skyscrapers. I prefer looking at them from afar, but some of these I took in a taxi later, or from the ship. It's pretty much the big thing about Hong Kong, the sky scrapers all along the harbour. I think theyre really pretty, and some of them are real architectural masterpieces. I really didn't see so much in terms of touristy stuff in Hong Kong, but I saw plenty of beautiful sky scrapers. They were beautiful in the afternoon light and at night all lit up too!

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