Thursday, 5 July 2012

Back at the Peace Park

The next morning, we got up very late, after our late night, and headed over to Molly Mulligans, the Irish bar, for a full English/Irish breakfast. I never realised how much I miss baked beans and decent bacon. I have no clue where they get them from, but it felt so much like a Sunday morning at home, it was uncanny. So then, we decided to split up, with Jeremy and Ben heading over to the Art Museum, and I took everyone else to the Peace Museum. I guess they could have gone alone, but the Peace Park is always nice. Well, nice in a way that is interesting. We discovered the Korean monument to the victims, many of whom were working in Hiroshima as forced labour. And the Children's monument of course, which is one of the more popular places with all the cranes made by visiting school children. Then we went on through the museum again. I have done that museum twice, and I think I say the same thing everytime - that it takes a long time. Especially if you are doing it for the first time, it just takes forever to read things, and see things. There isn't anywhere like it in the world (its much better than Nagasaki) and so you want to read everything. And so I waited for everyone for a long time after the museum!

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