Thursday, 5 July 2012

Sky Tree Cocktails with the boys

On Friday, I shinked down to Hiroshima to meet the boys from Beppu. Well that was the plan, but in the end, only Ben, Adam and Jeff came and they brought their friend Jeremy. They took the slow train, so I met them after some shopping. We checked into our hostel, and headed out for dinner. We found a chain restaurant that I visited when I first arrived in Japan! My very first Tokyo dinner place! We had lots of yummy food, but the coolest thing was these amazing cocktails. They were called sakura cocktails, but they were meant to look just like the new Tokyo Sky Tree. The boys are just as obsessed with them as I am, so we actually all got one, drank it, and then played games to see who could get the blue-light-up fake ice cube out the quickest! They were pretty amazing, and we must have hung out at the restaurant for about 4 hours. Because we all ordered one, there weren't enough blue ice cubes, so the poor waitress came over and apologised when she brought Ben's Sky tree cocktail. To make up for it, he got a very awesome sparkler!

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