Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Fantasy Land

Fantasy land is generally the area for the little kids, but as the Hong Kong Disney isnt very big, it was easy enough to go through it. I actually think that because of all the little kids, that was the busiest section! We made sure to pose with the sign at the entrance, which I really liked because it was in English and Chinese.The sun was really very hot, actually, we were both about to die, so it was a good time to go inside, and thankfully, then we found a great show, Fantasia. I actually have never seen it before, but Josh assured me it was good! The 3D thing has really taken off, and this was no different. The best thing was, it was made up of all of my favourite films, the Lion King, Ariel and all sorts of nice show tunes. Josh and I sang the whole way through!I have always wanted to ride the Dumbo elephants, but I never get to...a - Im too old, and b - the line is always so long! I can see why they are popular! I love that they have an elephant just so that you can sit and pose in it...that is just so Japanese!

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