Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Meeting the Characters

I remember the last time I went to Disney Land in Hong Kong, I went with Mummy and Daddy and Shelby and we met Mickey Mouse and had a cute little photo taken, which I still love to this day. We were very lucky that Disney wasnt very busy, and there was an area inside of Fantasy Land where you could meet all the characters. We met Minnie, and Josh is such a trooper - he made the heart shape when I asked. Thankfully we are in Asia, and it's so normal. But still, for him to do it made me smile. He also posed with Goofy for an adorable photo! The new section of the park, which is called Grizzly Gulch, they were having a kind of special show for Mickey and Minnie. Josh agreed to stand in the sun for about 20 minutes. It was the shortest line to see Mickey and Minnie I've ever seen! But it did seem a heck of a lot longer in the sun! I was pretty sure we were going to die of heatstroke or sun stroke, but soon, Mickey and Minnie came out in their new outfits! They were super cute, and I felt sorry for the people in the costumes, but I was estatic to finally have a picture with them! In the end I bought the photo of me and Josh with both Minnie (at Fantasy Land) and Mickey and Minnie at the Opening of Grizzly Gulch. A great reminder of our lovely trip!

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