Thursday, 5 July 2012


So Wayne randomly text me one day at work, asking if I wanted to see the fireflies. I hadnt actually thought of seeing them. Well, I had, but just as a passing glance. A lot of my friends had gone out to see them, and either it rained, or they didn't see many. It seems that also in Japan, they import the fireflies to the place,
they arent naturally there. So off we went, after work, Wayne collected James and I and drove us up to Toyota-cho. Strangely enough, Darlo and I had been there before. Toyota is pretty famous for its lightning bugs, they have a museum, they are all over the lampposts, there are cutouts, and even a firefly museum. So we arrived at the rest stop, where we were getting picked up by the bus. We had some time, so we wandered around and looked at the omiyage, and took our photos in the cool firefly cutouts. Japan has these everywhere! We also checked out the museum, but sadly it was closed. Once we headed out on the bus, it took us to a warehouse, where we sat and waited for our boat, where we would go along the river and see the fireflies! James very reluctantly wore his life vest, and we admired the local kids firefly drawings. The boat ride itself was very dark, untill we finally saw the beautiful fireflies. There weren't tons, but there were a lot, and they were so unbelievably beautiful!I have to say, it was one of the more unique things about Japan. They make everything into an event, making rice, picking oranges, watching fireflies. In America, I dont think we would do all that effort for just fireflies, but here, every season has something specific about it!

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