Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sakura in Hagi

I was pretty lucky on Monday. As I was heading home for lunch, I ran into all the other ALTs. They only work half days, and we're going to a great little Thai restaurant near my school. It was so yummy, and it's only open at lunchtime, so it was quite a treat! For some reason, Calvin wasn't with them, but he called me after school. We often run errands together, so. Did some errands and then he took me to a place he had read a book in the afternoon, this really cool place at the edge of town. I never would have gone there if he hasn't had a car. The Sakura were amazing there, and lined the river on both sides. It was really a beautiful sight, and they went on for ages and ages! I took lots of pictures, which was great because the sky was blue and the sun was shining. I think I am falling a bit more n love with cherry blossoms, especially the shape of the tree! They really are pretty where there are lots of them all together!

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