Thursday, 25 April 2013

Another little Cat Cafe

Shimonoseki and the Kokura area seems to have recently had a rise in the number of Cat Cafes. I love the idea of them. I've been to a few since being in Japan, often I come across them when I least expect it. Julianne is the person who knows the most about cat cafes in the area, so she took us to a new once which she discovered quite recently. She has been there since all these cats were little baby kittens. She took us there, and it was huge, and not too busy to be honest. There were lots of different cats, especially cute ones with little folded ears. They were adorable, and they were great to play with, and they enjoyed sitting in the sun. I liked this little white fluffy one the best, he was pretty sleepy and playing with some other girls who were there. I took lots of pictures of all of them. We had some nice free tea and coffee, and it was a great break to relax after the aquarium!

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