Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Heading into town

Part of the reason that I was in such a rush with the Easter eggs was because we had to catch a train. On Sunday's, there are only a few buses to the train station every hour, but there are lots of trains! I took this nice photo of the Sakura near to Josh's local bus stop. I thought it looked really pretty! We were lucky that that weekends weather has ended up pretty lovely, despite rain being forecast. We headed into Osaka, and den-den town, the kinda anime, electronics district. I really wasn't enjoying it. Is nothing like Akihabara in Tokyo, so instead we went to get some curry for Josh and when we arrived, the small restaurant was full. A couple at a booth ( which usually seats 4), were sitting across from each other as you do. When they saw us arrive, they told the server they would move over. They had one side of the booth and we had the other. Usually in Japan, people wouldn't give up seats like that, unless it was a place where it was common. This curry shop isn't often crowded, and it was such a nice gesture!

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