Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Our date in the park

I had such a nice time in the park, but then again, I always do. I especially love Nara in the spring, when everything is pretty and lovely. We had lunch at a don-don place, and then headed into the main area of the park near Todaiji. The park was really busy, full of lots of tourists and other foreigners also with the same idea as us. I could see why, it was a beautiful day. We were lucky enough to meet up with Julianne and her Mum, who was visiting from America. It was nice to see her, as I havent seen her in ages. Eventually, after feeding some deer, and admiring the sakura, we moved away from the main part of the park. It was an area where I had never been before, with a nice pond, and bridge and pavillion. We stopped there for a while, admiring the flowers and just talking, before wandering over to a huge expanse of grass. It seemed a lot like the Quarry park back in Shrewsbury! I really liked it, and it was surrounded by pretty sakura trees. One of my favourite trees was by the pond, and thankfully, there was a nice large rock right in front of it that I was able to use as a tripod. So, I ended up with this cute photo of me and Josh in our matching burgundy sweatshirts!

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