Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Mikans and Sakura

After Hagi Castle, we tried going to another shrine, but even though we drove around for a long time, we couldnt find a way in. So, instead we went looking for some more trees in Hagi Old Town. I had seen some more Sakura trees near to my school so we went over to check those out too. Its a pretty weird place to plant sakura trees, behind the interenet power station, but nevertheless, they were really pretty! They were the weeping variety, which is pretty in a different way. And one of the trees was very pink! Next to the tree was another tree, a mikan tree. Hagi is really famous for oranges, specifically summer oranges. And they are huge!We took lots of silly photos with an orange we found, and the trees and the sakura! It was funny being silly! Thank goodness none of my students were around to see me eating the sakura instead of the orange!

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