Thursday, 28 June 2012

Walking alone in Nara park

I dont often go places by myself. In reality, I don't need to, because I am often going places to visit people. But Josh had a rehersal, and I was meeting Carl for lunch, so I ended up with about an hour and a half in Nara Park. Now that I know my way around, I enjoy it so much more. I decided to head into the forest area, as I hadn't been there before. And it is just so different than the rest of the park, which is all grass and paths. I wandered through the trees, and came across some old people taking a watercolours class, and I stopped and admired their pictures. I found a nice river and followed it for a while. I guess, in reality it was a stream. But it was still quite pretty. It ended up going into this lovely lake, which looked like it could have been in any English garden! I really enjoyed my walk, even if I wasn't petting deer along the way. It was just nice to have some time for me.

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