Thursday, 28 June 2012

Kasuga Taisha

After walking through the forest, I headed for a place in Nara Park that I assumed I hadn't been before. I got about 5 kilometers down the path before realising I had. It was about 5 years ago, when we visited Japan again after living there. And also where I learnt that the deer in Nara Park will bow to you (especially if offered a nice deer biscuit!) But eitherway, off on my walk I went, and slowly but surely, the path begins to be lined with hundreds of stone lanterns. Stone lanterns are one of my favourite things to photograph, and, as Josh put it...Kasuga is like Fushimi Inari with lanterns, not tori gates. I didnt actually go all the way up to the shrine, but instead wandered down the little paths, taking photos of all the different lanterns.I snapped pictures away for about 20 minutes, then, I realised the time, and I had to rush back and meet Carl and Josh for lunch!

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