Thursday, 28 June 2012

Justin's Birthday in Shimonoseki

On Sunday, the Shimonoseki JETs and their friends got together to celebrate Justin's birthday. I think his birthday was actually on Tuesday, but his wife decided to hold it on the Sunday when a lot of people could come. Lonna and Julianne came and got me at the station, which was nice, and then we headed over to the restaurant. It was a very nice restaurant, with a lovely Italian chef and English speaking staff. I got the impression that the Shimonoseki crew go there a lot! So I was lucky enough to see a lot of fun people, Hakeem was there, and Sung Hee, and lots of other nice people. The Shimonoseki crew have a lot of Japanese friends too, which is always nice. Justin's wife Hanna made a lovely cake, and the chef made Tiramasu, so after some great food and yummy desert, we were well and truly stuffed! I spent some time talking with people, and eating lots of bread and fun food. Then sadly, I had to get home, and so left everyone as they were heading to the pier for some drinking fun. I always have such a great time in Shimonoseki. They are nice people, a little older than me, and seem to have nice evenings out. I will miss them all when they move home in the summer!

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