Saturday, 20 July 2013

On the boat to Oshima

This weekend is my final week in Japan, and my very last weekend in Hagi. On Friday, I had my leaving ceremony at school, which was pretty sad. Now, I have to work on cleaning up my house, packing, and getting ready to leave! On Saturday, I spent all morning cleaning up,
and preparing bags to go to the recycling centre. Calvin came about lunchtime and helped me pack all 30 bags into his car, and take them there! Its a far drive, and I never would have made it without him! Thank goodness for that! After that, the weather was so good that we
decided to do something outside with the weather. Calvin wanted to take a boat, so we headed to the island of Oshima. I've never been there, but some of the elementary school teachers in Hagi get to go there every week to teach the kids there. For high school though,
they have to come to the mainland. So off we went, on our half hour boat ride. It was nice and hot, and the views were great, but when we didnt fancy that any more, there were sleeping rooms and sitting rooms, with cute little pillows and a TV with very, very off Japanese TV shows. Makes me very glad I don't own a TV here!

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