Saturday, 20 July 2013

A little walk through Gion

Since I have been in Japan, I've really wanted to do the Gion dress up thing where you dress up like a Maiko. Nara JETs do it quite often, but recenly, I met the new Prefectural Advisor for Nara, and she organised a trip for me, Josh and another friend of ours, Katie Weller to do it.
So, we all met in Gion. I really haven't been into Gion much, apart from when we had our engagement photos taken. It was really, really hot (as the rainy season had finally finished). It was wayyyyyyy too hot to spend much time outside, so we really didnt spend long there, and went on to the location where we were getting dressed up! Gion is really lovely, and I really wanted to walk around and take photos, but Japanese summers really arent good for walking around , and sightseeing!

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