Saturday, 20 July 2013

Back again to be a Maiko (Oiran Style)

When we did the Maiko dress up experience, we saw that they also had another way to dress up called the Oiran style. It's a bit more raunchy, and doesn't involve so much makeup, as well as a lot more bright colours. We were lucky to get in in my very last weekend in Kansai, and this time, Allison joined me to do it, with Katie Weller coming to take photos. In the end, our friend Sophie joined us, the day before her wedding! Since the price was altered, Katie decided to join us, and we got to dress up, all together.
This time, we wore the basic undershift again, but with no tabi socks! Then, we had our hair done. Allison and Katie have pretty short hair, so they got to wear the wig style, while Sophie and I got to have our hair stsyled. It was pretty cool how high and large they made my hair with the help of some hair gel
and a wig! They did us all individually, so I had to chose my kimono all alone - it was so hard to chose! I finally chose a bright pink! They dont use any under layers while they put this type of kimono on. Its a much lighter kimono, and the bow goes in the front instead. My bow was a pretty neon yellow, which seems a little strange, but was very pretty as it was hand tied, which was pretty incredible. Then, we got some professional photos taken, but a few less this time, and we even got a photo taken all together.
Then, we got to play in the spare room and take lots of hillarious photos. The best part was Allison telling us to pose hillariously! We had so much fun, taking cute photos with the balls and umbreallas they had for us to use! Since it was Sophie's wedding the next day, Allison has brought a white board for us to write messages on. I, in turn, wrote one for Josh, which I now use as my profile photo on Facebook! I think its pretty adorable! We had such a nice time all together,
and after changing into our every day clothes, and surviving the rain, we headed to Kyoto Station, to get some lunch. We had some lovely italian food, and the Katie and I went and bought me some Croc shoes-perfect for the wet weather!

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