Saturday, 20 July 2013

Goodbye Nago

I had five schools, and as one of them, Nago is a school where I kinda have mixed feelings. This year was much better than the last, as I discovered the History teacher who sits next to me happens to speak English! The kids here are funny and genki, and actually, here, I get
to run the entire lesson, with worksheets and speeches and games, and so it's really fun. The kids know what to expect and behave accordingly! The school is really close to a beach, and last year, Wayne, who works at the elementary school next door, and I would go down to the pier with our lunch and
sit and watch the ocean as we ate. It's not often that I actually spend any time at the sea, considering I live so darn close to it! So, it being my last visit to Nago, at lunchtime, we grabbed some inari sushi (my favourite) and headed down to the pier. The sea is just SO blue here. Not always clear, but just a really rich blue, and sometimes it's just nice to sit and watch it.

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