Saturday, 20 July 2013

Russ and Sophie's Wedding!

The Orian Makeup Style thing was done on the Saturday, and thankfully my last weekend in Kansai happened to be a long weeekend, meaning we had Monday off for Marine Day. So, on Sunday, Russ and Sophie were getting married! Back in May, we went to Disney with them,
and it was at Tokyo Disney Sea that Russ proposed. In the morning, we got up and headed into Osaka for their church service. I got to wear a nice blue dress and Josh wore his suit and a lovely tie. It was really fun to get dressed up after so long! Sophie was so beautiful, and I took some cute photos of her getting ready, and happened to catch Russ on the stairs getting ready too! The rehersal was done that morning, which was great, and then the real thing began. They were surrounded by 50 of their church family and JET friends,
and it was so nice. They even had the little Disney Wedding bears holding the rings! During the service, everything was translated from Japanese and English, so everyone could enjoy it. I almost cried, as I am prone to do, but managed to survive until the end without tears!
It was so beautiful and they looked so happy! Afterwards, we took some group photos, and also some of the boys all showing some leg, acting like girls, and big group hug of Sophie! One of my favourite photos I took all day was of Russ hugging Josh, just after Russ had gotten married. Russ and Sophie were our "engagement buddies", here in Japan as the only other engaged couple who we hung out with. It was so lovely to see the boys so happy, and I know Josh was really honored, as was I that they had chosen us to stand up with them!
I got to meet a lot more of the Nara JETs at the wedding, since both Russ and Sophie were JETs in Nara, although only Sophie is now. Some of them I hadn't seen since January, when we went to Nagashima Spa Land, so it was really nice to get to spend some time with them again!
They are really a bunch of lovely, kind people that have been really welcoming to me! After we took all the photos, we headed over to the reception location in taxis. That was fun, as we werent quite sure where we were going, but we found it! Josh was the MC of the night, and he was so excited about that! There was good food, some funny dancing from the wedding
party and even some games played by the Bride and Groom! Sophie had changed too, into an adorable reception dress which I just loved! One funny thing from the night was that Josh got to wear his "party shirt". It's a bit crazy, but the shirt was handmade by his tailor in Hong Kong, and he just loves is. I love this photo of him wearing it. I may not like it, but I love it if it makes him this happy! He did a great job keeping the reception going!

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