Thursday, 10 September 2015

As expected, Luxembourg has Castles!

Steph did a super good job of picking out this castle to go to. I was a bit nervous about the timing of it all, but with exactly one hour at the castle, we managed to make it back to the bus in perfect ( and a little to spare) timing. I used to travel that close to the wire all the time in Japan, but here is feels....a bit wrong! We explored the turret and there was actaully a book fair going on inside the castle which meant we ended up getting in for free!
After grabbing my favourite gelato, macaroons and some Paul bread, we were almost ready to leave Luxembourg. We went back to town, grabbed some photos and also had lunch at this "Chocolate cafe" with all those yummy hot chocolates on a stick. It was super fun - even if we did get stuck on our train coming home! It was such a nice girly weekend!

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