Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Lovely Luxembourg

Last year, September had a three day weekend, and we headed to Vienna. After all of our summer travelling, America, England and Spain, Josh was quite ready to hang out at home and chill. But our little visit to Strasbourg with my family really made me want to travel even more!
Steph and I decided we needed to go somewhere, mainly beacuse this is likely going to be our last year in Germany. We himmed and hawwed for three weeks about where to go. Everywhere was expensive to fly, and it seemed that it was just as expensive
if we want to leave Germany. We decided really late to have one last look online, and it turned out Luxembourg was feasible! We booked a train, and a hotel and then Saturday morning ( very early!) off we went! We arrived, and found our hotel with no problem at all! We walked all around the city, up and down the little side streets, across the town squares, and into these really awesome cave maze fortress places. That was definitely the coolest place we visited. It was lots of underground tunnels,
and we got lost in one because the end was padlocked shut! It was interesting that the city is built up on this giant plateau, and there are villages all down below them. We walked down, but there was an elevator to take to the top - much more convenient! We had such a good walk around - Luxembourg was basically like Germany and France merged into one! We visited the pretty cathedral, and just had a really great time getting Laduree and Amarino gelato for lunch!
In the evening, we decided to try a Chinese restaurant. It was obviously in the wrong part of town - because we were super scared by the area! But we survived! It was quite cloudy the first day, so on the second day, after seeing most of the city on Saturday, we decided to go out and see a castle. We took a train, and a bus, and a walk - but we made it to this castle. It just so happened that this castle was open for free that day - and it was so nice! While we were in the castle, the weather cleared up so when we got back to the city, we grabbed some Paul bread and walked around the city once again to get pictures!

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